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Our History
Founded in 1996, Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co., Ltd is an export-oriented enterprise incorporates research, production, sales and service of Bio-nutritional additives- Betaine series products.
Our Factory
Company is located in Daicun industrial park and owns modern, sealed and automated garden plant, annual production capacity of betaine anhydrous and betaine hydrochloride is 40, 000t. Through long term cooperation with famous universities in China, we get strong impetus for company's development.
Our Product
●  Betaine anhydrous:95%-98%
●  Betaine hydrochloride:93%-98%
●  Betaine compund:30%,75%
●  Betaine liquid:50%
●  Betaine monohydrate:98%
●  Betaine citrate:98%
Product Application
As feed additive and attractant in feeding for all kinds of animals
Our Certificate
Halal certificate, Kosher certificate, ISO 9001: 2008, FAMI-QS certificate, CNAS certificate
Production Market
Our company is one of the largest producers and exporters of betaine product, especially betaine anhydrous, in the world.wholesale Free flowing betaine
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