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Составить 10 разных вопросов к тексту (на английском), соблюдая правила английского языка

Normannia is bulk carrier, with is the only one similar ship, property of Ahrenkieal Group. The company is one of the largest ship-owners in Europe and even just having any interests in bulk carrying is making Ahrenkiel important for shipping. Normannia was put on water in the year 1997. The ship has deadweight of 42,648 metric tons, and is from the group of small bulk carriers. Normannia has a length of 181.50 meters and a beam of 30.50 meters. The ship has a draft of 11.35 meters, and this allows her to enter in almost every port of the world shipping. And because we started with measurements and facts about Normannia, I will finish with gross tonnage and net tonnage, which are 24,987 and 13,532 metric tons. That is the only one bulk carrier of the group, that owns the largest fleet in the world of Chemical Tankers and Oil Tankers.
Normannia was built in the years 1997 in the ship-yard of Ishikawajima-Harina Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Aichi Work, Japan. The ship is classified by German Lloyd Register and every year pass some certificate classification because of the requirements of the ship-owner and Lloyd. Normannia is sailing under Liberian flag and the port of register is Monrovia, as the most of Ahrenkiel vessels. The ship has almost all extras, which are popular in the year of building and the quality of the materials is absolute. The Japan ship-yard is one of the best in the world, so you should be sure that this vessel with have a high rates of stability and steadiness.
The ship can reach a cruising speed of 14 knots, but economy one is 13.5 knots. The maximum speed that Normannia can reach is 15.6 knots. To reach these speed that I mentioned, the ship needs a large engine. So the main engine of Normannia is Sulzer 6RTA48T, MCR with power of 6,990 kW at 106 rpm. The auxiliary diesel generators installed on Normannia are 3 numbers of Daihatsu 5DK-20 with power of 520 kW each at 900 rpm. These diesel generators help to electicity system of the vessel, mostly in maneuvering, entering in ports and loading and discharging. The ship has no bow thruster, mostly because the voyages are too long, to need entering intro ports so often. Normannia engine is using a heavy fuel oil of RMG 380, which is very ecological and the ship is not making any pollutions of the ocean. That is very important in the modern world of shipping and ships' building.
Normannia has 5 hold, all with grain capacity of 52,680 cubic meters or bale capacity 52,679 cubic meters.

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