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сочинение на тему "my future career"..(P.S. хочу стать психологом)

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   It's not an easy task for a school-leaver to make the right choice of a future career. There are people who enter an institute or university without thinking whether they like the profession they have chosen or not. But the occupation you want to devote your life to has to bring you satisfaction. So it must be something you want and can do.
   I have, asked myself a lot of times: 'What do I want to be?' And I've decided to become a sociologist and enter the department of . This specialty is rather new in our country, but it seems very interesting and  for me. As a sociologist I have to work with people, help them to solve their problems. I will have to give them a real help in difficult situations.
   Our country is going through a difficult period now. There are problems in the economic and social spheres of life. A lot of people are unemployed, so they leave our country. A lot of women have problems when they go abroad. That is why they need someone to relieve the  of their Shoulders and to help them to solve their problems. They need of the social workers.
   I realize the difficulties of this profession and I understand that it's f great responsibility. But this specialty is really needed. And I hope that I; can help other people.