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8-10 предложений на тему описать концерт который ты видел помогите плиз!!!

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Yesterday I went to concert. The name of it was Lost in London. It was very interesting and breathtaking. Everything was about one man who lost his map of London. While he was trying to find it he met his friend who lived in London for few years. So his friend advised to help him and he did. They went to cafe and had nice lunch with true English tea. After that his friend helped to get to hotel. They both were very happy to meet each other by accident. And so main charecter spend all his holidays with his old friend and saw lots of interesting things and places.


Also it was very awersome because it was concert in comedy style and on the big stage. Also in the background there was music. So it was concert and play. And means that there were lots of laughts in audience, fun, emotions. At the end the all audience were aplausing for a few minutes. I hope next unusual concert like this will be soon.

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My favourite band is Maroon 5.So,as every fan, i had this wild desire to see those guys.I went to their concert last year,but i still remember how wonderful it was.I was so excited that could not even take normal breath,this atmosphere,those people around me who were as crazy about Adam Levine as me>all that filled me with so many emotions.It was the happiest moment in my life.I will never forget this...