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Do you like airplanes? For people who (1)NEVER FLY in a plane before. the first flight can be an exciting and scary experience. The secret is to sit back and enjoy it. Flying is incredibly safe (2) THIS days. In fact, it's one of the (3) SAFE ways to travel. Sometimes during a flight the plane can move up and down, (4)MAKE the plane shake a little. (5) NOT WORRY if this happens. If you (6) STAND up talking to friends when it happens. sit down again. Make sure (7) YOU seatbelt (8) DO up and wait for the movement to stop. You might also sometimes hear strange (9) NOISE on a plane but there're nothing to worry about either. In an hour or so you (10) REACH your destination. (преобразуйте выделенные слова в правильную грамматическую форму) заранее спасиба.

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1. has never flown

2. these

3. safiest


5. do not worry

6. по идее должно stand

7. your

8. do (не уверена)

9. noise

10. will reach