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13-15 предложений про белого леопарда на английском....

пожалуйста срочно надо

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The white leopard lives in горнолесных areas where the obvious preference gives chernopihtovo-kedrovo-shirokolistvennym to woods on the average and headwaters of the rivers. Less willingly it occupies широколиственные woods and especially пирогенные the oak forests which areas as a result of annual fires increase. Its area covering Earlier northeast China, the Korean peninsula and the Ussuriisk territory south, was reduced now till critically small sizes. The modern area of a Far East leopard covers only limited горнолесной area the area about 10-15 thousand in sq. km on a joint of three states of Russia, the Peoples Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The sizes of individual sites at a Far East leopard small, about 5-8 thousand in hectare, and animals - strictly territorial predators: each adult animal has the site which isn't blocked with sites of individuals of the same floor.