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напишите пожалуйста Небольшой рассказ на тему Perfect school(желательно с переводом)

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I study at fine school. At my school very much it is pleasant to me. Here good and kind teachers. And at me which I love an amicable class. At our school I am ready to listen to teachers for hours and hours, after all they so is interesting explain. My favourite subject of the mathematician, there it is interesting to me to solve examples. In general at me ideal school, all in it is pleasant to me.

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My ideal school would be in the centre of the town, near a park. It would look-like a castle. It would include a few buildings. For example, in the first building would be swimming-pool. In the second building there are would be rooms, like English rooms.
The school would have a computer room. Also there would be a big library and a swimming-pool. There would be stadion, where pupils would do physical training. For example, they would play football or volleyball. My ideal school would have a coffee bar, in order to pupils could get together. however, there would be a dinning-room. If it didn't rain, pupils could eat out of the school.
The timetable would include 6 hours English, 5 hours physical training, 4 hours driving,cookery lessons,4 hours history, 3 hours life safety, Russian and mathematics a week. Also, there would be lessons, where pupils could learn to play the guitar and other instruments.
There would be many after-school clubs, such as tennis, basketball, photography, drama and other interesting clubs. There would be many interesting school trips. During summer holidays, pupils would go to other cities and may be other countries.

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