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Нужно написать аргументы 3 за 2 против Электронной книги И 3 за и 2 против простой книги??

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1. За электронную кингу

  1. You can take not only one book, there your can save about ten books.

  2. It very comfortable to read something in dark, for example under your blanket.

  3. It save your money thus you dun't buy ten books, you simply download it in your e-book 

2. За обычную книгу.

  1. You can read some stories or poems in original.

  2. You haven't to charge this one.

  3. It can't broke.


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For e-book:

1) You can have a lot of books in one e-book, not only one.

2) It's comfortable to travel with e-book, becouse it's weigth is very little

3) It is useful to have books in electronic view - you can't lost it or smth like that.

For traditional book:

1) traditional book damage yout sight less than e-book

2) It can't be broken

3) You can enjoy reading traditional book in original version - it's more interesting