Составить небольшой текст на 5-7 предложений или просто предложения с использованием...

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Составить небольшой текст на 5-7 предложений или просто предложения с использованием слов: to found, seat, permanent, number, carefuly, capital, scale, population, to exist, district, convenient, valuable, to remain.
Все слова использовать не нужно.

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I got up early yesterday because it was my brother's birthday . My mother sent me to the supermarket to buy necessary products for the celebration . There was the biggest supermarket in our (district) .It was very (convenient) for costumers. She told me what to buy. I went to the shop.I was looking (carefully) for the products and (found) everything. But the one thing which (remained) , were candles. I couldn't find them anywhere. I went back home and told about it to my mum .But what was the most surprising that my brother refused to have any candles on his birthday cake. So , i realized that my brother became elder.

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London is the capital of Great Britain.
It was founded in the first century A.D.
The population of London is composed of different nationalities.
There are several districts in London.
The British Parliament remains an integral institution in a democratic society. 
The number of seats in the House of Lords is not fixed.

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