Переведите пожалуйста,этот текст!Очень прошу. Mr Kirk was in the park with his dog one...

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Переведите пожалуйста,этот текст!Очень прошу.
Mr Kirk was in the park with his dog one Sunday night. Suddenly he heard a noise and saw a strange person in front of him. It was Zardak, from the planet Vecon. Zardak came to London by air. But he didn’t arrive at the airport, he didn’t check in, he didn’t pass the passport control or the customs.
Mr Kirk took him home, but he didn’t tell anybody about Zardak’s arrival. Zardak liked Mr Kirk, and they became friends. But Zardak was tired of Mr Kirk’s flat. He wanted to travel about Mr Kirk’s country or at least he wanted to make a tour of the city.
Zardak: Well, my good friend. When can we go out and see your city?
Mr Kirk: Er... that’s difficult, Zardak. It isn’t a very good idea.
Zardak: But I’ve been here for two days and I haven’t seen anything yet.
Mr Kirk: You’ve watched television.
Zardak: I can watch television from my starship or when I am at home on planet Vecon. Please, my friend.
Mr Kirk: I’ve already told you. It isn’t a good idea.
But Zardak wants to go on a tour of London. He is fond of travelling. He has travelled a lot. Travelling is his hobby. Just because of his hobby he has come to the planet Earth.
Zardak has got little silver horns on his head. With the help of these horns he can make people do what he likes. His horns become bright green and the light coming from them makes everybody say
and do what Zardak wants. So Zardak just looks at Mr Kirk. Mr Kirk sees the green light and says:
Mr Kirk: Oh, I agree. Let’s go to the city centre. Really why don’t we go out? I have bought you a coat and a hat. Please put them on.
Zardak: But why a hat? You never wear a hat.
Mr Kirk: All right. I’ll wear one too.
Mr Kirk and Zardak go along the street to the bus stop. They meet Mrs Evans, an old neighbour of Mr Kirk at the traffic lights.
Mrs Evans: Hello, Mr Kirk. I’m so glad to meet you. Who is this young man?
Mr Kirk: He’s my cousin from California. His name is Zardak.
Mrs Evans: Oh! How do you do? How long have you been here?
Mr Kirk: He has been here since Thursday. He has been here for two days.
Mrs Evans: What do you think of England, Zardak? Is it your first visit to the country?
Zardak: Yes, it is. I have never been here before. It’s very nice.
Mrs Evans: And I like your country very much. I’ve been there three times, you know. My sister lives in Los Angeles in California. She has always wanted to live there. And where exactly do you live?
Zardak: Vecon.
Mrs Evans: I’ve never heard of that. Where...
Mr Kirk: It’s a very small town. Very small.
Mrs Evans: Funny, you haven’t got an American accent.
Mr Kirk (looking at his watch): Oh, dear! Is that the time? Well, goodbye, Mrs Evans. We are really in a hurry.
Mrs Evans: Goodbye. Nice to meet you.

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Вдруг он услышал шум и увидел странного человека перед ним. Это 2 предл

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