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Answer the questions

1. What can you see in Red Square?

2. What id Peterhof? What can you see there?

3. What
is the biggest museum in St Petersburg
4. What is the most famous garden in St Petersburs

5. What is the most famous Moscow theatre?

6. What is the most famous St Peretsburg theatre?

7. What can you see in the Armouty Chamber

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1. It is one of the most famous squares in the world. 
We can see Lenin's mausoleum,  St. Basil Cathedral,  the State Historical Museum  and  the Kremlin there .2. It is former tsar's residence, now it's a city and a Park-Museum. We can see there Grand Peterhof Palace, Grand Cascade and a lot of other different fountains.3. The Hermitage, the Russian Museum 4. Alexander's Garden 5. The Bolshoy Theatre 6. The Mariinsky Theatre 7. The Armoury Chamber showcases ancient state regalia, ceremonial tsar’s vestments and coronation dress, vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church’es hierarchs, the largest collection of gold and silverware by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, ceremonial weapons and arms, carriages, horse ceremonial harness.

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